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SharePoint Management Studio 2010

SharePoint Management Studio is growing project that added new capabilities day by day. The project main purpose is add facilitate to SharePoint administrators. I'm currently a SharePoint 2007 administrator and I have developed Management studio because I want to done my works with simple and fast. SharePoint Management Studio has two main functionality. one of them is Solution, the outher one is Backup and Restore Operations.



  • Solution Management : Solution management allows you to manage your SharePoint Solutions fast and easy.
  • Solution Deployer: This module allow multible solution deployment one ore more web applications one times. Thats mean if you plan to move your sharePoint enviroment one farm to the other, You can use this module to deploy your solutions one click.
for info :
  • Download Solutions: This module allow export or download solution file from SharePoint Solution store.

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Backup and Restore Operations allow you to take one time backup and restore it the site wich you want.
Perform Backup
Perform Backup helps you take multible site collection backup one time for more information Perform Backup
Restore Backup
Restore Backup module helps you restore your .bck files to selected site collection. for more information Restore Backup

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